Hawaiian ‘Awa – Views of an Ethnobotanical Treasure. Orginally published in 2006, the ADC is pleased to offer this light pdf version for distribution. It is broken into two parts:

  1. awabook web part 1 of 2 (PDF file, 6 MB)
  2. awabook web part 2 of 2 (PDF file, 6.6 MB)

Kava in Hawaii, Titcomb et al. Contemporary newspaper articles & ‘awa lapa ‘au are also included, courtesy of Hawaiian Kava Center. (PDF file, 7.8 MB)

‘Awa Thesis. Mr Kawika Winter, a University of Hawai`i researcher. It deals with enthnobotanical aspects of Hawaiian kava. Its publishing date is 2004. (PDF file, 3 MB)

The Return of the Hawaiian Kapu `Awa, Keep Our Traditional Purification Practices Pure and Was Hawaiian ‘Awa Served? by Mr La’akea Suganuma, a Hawaiian cultural practitioner. (PDF files, 190 kB, 61 kB, 208 kB)

‘Awa Drinking as Identity Marker and Cultural Practice by Christine Nahua Patrinos and Kekailoa Perry, 2010. (PDF file, 300kB)

Kava Production Guide by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Suva, Fiji Islands, courtesy of Hawaiian Kava Center. (PDF file 5.5 MB)

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